Mission Statement

The Barney & Barney Foundation is committed to giving back – serving those in need, supporting our youth, advancing the arts, standing against societal injustice, and protecting the environment.

Grant Selection

The Barney & Barney Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations that assist those in need, support our youth, advance the arts, or protect the environment. Each year, qualified non-profit organizations are nominated by our colleagues. The nominations are reviewed by the Barney & Barney Foundation Grant Committee, after which potential recipients are invited to apply formally.

The Grant Committee uses a variety of criteria to select a recipient, including whether the mission of the non-profit supports our mission, the financial status of the non-profit, and the non-profit’s need. Grant amounts vary year after year, depending on funds raised and the need of the potential recipient.


The Barney & Barney Foundation is governed by a board of directors that can range in size from 8 to 15 members who must be re-elected annually. Currently there are 11 board members serving one-year terms. The board is required to meet once annually, though it is expected that there will be at least two foundation board meetings each year.

501C(3) Status

The Barney & Barney Foundation has formal bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. 501c(3) status has been granted to the foundation by both the Franchise Tax Board in California and the IRS, making the foundation a “non-profit public benefit corporation.”

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